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Path Breakers

Matress n More

Matress n More

Eat,Sleep& Pray’ has been traditionally considered the motto of most of our lives. In current times it can be more apt if we claim ‘Food,Sleep & Wifi’ is all one needs. Sleep being the constant , ‘Mattress n More’ founder Sibraj realized the facts and sought to take his entrepreneurial leap while adding quality to one’s sleep.read more

Brooklyn Online

Brooklyn Online

At a time when Odisha is taking tiny steps to become truly global, Brooklyn's Online as the name suggests has emerged as the flag bearer of the same. Giving up the stereotyped emotional connect to the language, the effort taken by the entrepreneurs of this startup with huge potential in the twin city of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack is appreciable. read more

22 Bikes

Ajay Kumar Nanda : 22 Bikes

When the world is thinking beyond jet planes the idea of having fun with bicycle may not be too alluring. But that's exactly what Ajay Kumar Nanda, founder, 22bikes did, he could rekindle the love of biking in the hearts of many. And the beauty lies in the fact that he did it quite effortlessly as he chose to turn his passion into his profession. read more

Likan Patra

Pathbreaker : Likan Patra

When you talk of an artist what emerges in mind is the image of a solitary genius, a hard working soul almost lost in his creative world to create a piece of marvel. However, The word Art is derived from a root which means to “join” or “fit together”—that is, to make or craft. read more

Slick Account

Pathbreaker : Slick Account

Any and every business organization aims at profit maximization, there is no denying to this fact! However, at any point of time every small business in the world turning profitable is an unachievable feat. When the brilliant minds come together, they aim to accomplish the impossible and that's what these three co-founders of Slick-Account-Sanmaya, Bibhu and Jyoti thought of doing. read more


Pathbreaker : Robotics

People aspire to be wealthy, for all good reasons, however, it's a luxury only a few inherit, others have to earn it for themselves. Sakyasingha Mahapatra's story may not be one from the rag to the riches yet it's a truly inspiring one. Having studied BTech at Anna University, Chennai his passion for robotics was pretty discernable right from his college life. read more